Bulk materials, Dry goods, moving services.

Fast, efficient, and honest, Haley's Express Trucking has become a reputable and well-known Delivery Service. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each project.


Haley's Express Trucking Inc. is led by Seval Haley, who has 22 years of management, accounting and financial experience. Seval has served as Chief Operating Officer for Sedulous Holdings Inc., for five years. Seval began her career as an accountant at Bank of America and Union Bank before being promoted to finance and senior management roles. 
Craig Haley is the Chief Financial Officer and has over 25 years experience in sales, technology and management. Craig was senior management at Time Warner's online and technical division.

Seval Haley CEO Craig Haley CFO


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